Files saved with Komodo Edit 8.5 will not open in - errors on every line

I have an old HTML webpage which is fine for my needs. I need to update some text and images which appear on the page. This page appears OK in Firefox. I open the file in Komodo Edit 8.5 and make the changes, save as a new filename in a new folder. The file is saved as XHTML with no other choices available. When I try to open the new file with Firefox, I get “XML Parsing Error: syntax error” starting on the first line and there is an error of one kind or another on every subsequent line. I tried opening the file in Komodo Edit and saving it with a new name without making any changes whatsoever and I get the same error messages when I try to open the new file. I’m not a web developer and I should not need to become one nor hire one to resolve this problem. Any suggestions?

It sounds to me like you made changes that are not valid HTML. A web developer would know how to make those changes properly. You will need someone to have a look at your code and figure out where you went wrong.

Or you could use the Syntax checker in Komodo (bottom right in the statusbar) to figure out where the problem is.

This is not a Komodo issue however, Komodo is just the editor in question that you are using. Not to say we don’t wish to help you, just that this probably isn’t the best place to ask for help.

Per my original post, Komodo makes changes that render the page unreadable.
" tried opening the file in Komodo Edit and saving it with a new name
without making any changes whatsoever and I get the same error messages
when I try to open the new file."

Can you provide the file in question? I’d like to see if I can reproduce this.

Komodo does not make any destructive automated changes to your files. Did you check that the file worked before opening it in Komodo?

Per my original post, the file opens in Firefox before editing or saving in Komodo

Please :slight_smile: Feel free to PM it to me if you dont want it to be visible to the public.

Looking for a way to send PM

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I’ve send you a PM, you can respond to me there.

I think the forum software we use restricts PM’s with new users.

I’m unable to reproduce your issue with the file you send.

Note that you are using the source code pulled from the waybackmachine, this source code is parsed and modified by the waybackmachine and is not a good codebase to work from.

What version of Komodo and Firefox are you using?

Komodo Edit 8.5 and Firefox 33.1

My files for this page were on a server operated by a friend who shut down for personal reasons without notice. My own original files were lost in a hard drive crash years ago. Removing the wayback machine’s java content is one thing I want to do to restore this page.

Alright. Well far as I can tell Komodo isn’t doing anything wrong here, I am not able to reproduce your problem by following the steps you provided (open file in Komodo, save it, open it in Firefox).

The work you are looking to do can have some significant challenges and I would not recommend it to anyone who does not have web development experience.

If you’re dead set on doing it yourself I would sooner recommend starting some type of Wordpress site and just extracting the text (not HTML layout) via the way back machine.

OK thanks…

I downloaded HTML-Kit 262, another free HTML editor. It does everything I need it to do, no issues with displaying edited files in any browser.

Give a try to Komodo IDE 9 beta :wink:
Also if your files is not very secret - can you send me a:

  • Original file
  • Edited with Komodo file (which doesn’t works in Firefox)

Also do you use server (Apache, nginx, etc.) or you open your XHTML via file:// protocol?

Problem solved. I used HTML-Kit 262, a different free HTML editor. I made the changes I wanted to make. The page looks like I want and loads and displays in any browser.

I don’t see a way for me to tag this topic as “resolved”. Also, I would like to remove my profile from this forum since I’m no longer using KOMODO. I don’t see a way to delete my own profile.


I sure we can’t remove your profile because you have posts.