Files erased!

While editing I accidentally hit some key combination. I felt the error and looked to the screen to discover that my file was blank. I closed the tab and moved to explorer to reload it. Explorer showed that every file in the directory was of 0 size!
Further horrors!! - every file in every subdirectory of my project was also zeroed.
The remaining tabs on Komodo edit also showed no content, but a single undo restored them and the could then be saved.
The windows recycle bin does not show the deleted files.
Any idea what may have happened? Any idea what keystrokes could have caused this?

Is there really a key sequence that will recursively zero out files !??!

No such key sequence, the only thing I can imagine is that you triggered a replace all across your projects with some destructive settings that you might have used for a single replace earlier on?

Komodo does not have any functionality built-in that would “zero out” all your files, but it could still facilitate such functionality.

My fault (surprise surprise!) My program caused the error but I only noticed it just after a flubbed keystroke. My apologies for the panic. (but not for the error - thats just standard operating procedure)
Thanks for the prompt reply