Filebrowser.js errors making Komodo unusable

My issue seems to be similar to the following, but unfortunately none of them have resolutions either:

Basically I’m getting a connection error in filebrowser.js on line 1550

I’m at a loss, Komodo rocked until version 9, now I can’t seem to get anything working that uses SFTP… any help is greatly appreciated.

LOL I can only put two links in a post I guess, so you’ll just have to google “filebrowser.js komodo” to see the multitude of other similar issues

Nevermind, apparently I can’t put ANY links in my posts, the error message just says I can’t put more than two… so we’re off to a good start

Could you share your error log after reproducing the issue? Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File.

I’ll check the forum settings to ensure the settings aren’t too strict.

Do you need to downgrade your Putty version?

Please do supply your error logs as well as @nathanr said.

  • Carey