Feature Request: 'Go To File' additional preference

I’m not sure the best place to add this, but I’m going to go ahead and stick it here with an appropriate title.

First of all I use Komodo Edit almost all day for work and I turned our whole department onto it, I absolutely love it! Now I’ve seen the new forum, I will try to post any feature requests I come up with here to, hopefully, be helpful in some way to other users and help make Komodo even better.

So, my feature request is to do with the Go To File preferences. I know there are some in there to, for example, not include history items but I was wondering if it was possible to add one more. I have a set of default files that are used as the basis for every new project, which I maintain in Dropbox for easy access.

When I’m working on a new project, I might come up with an improvement to those defaults, which I then have to copy over to the files in Dropbox. For whatever reason, my ‘history’ items don’t include many of the files I’m wanting (and turning on history makes things a little messy anyway), so I’d love it if I had the ability to say ‘always include files in this directory in the ‘Go To File’ drop-down list’.


You could try shortcuts for this, but that might be a bit too much manual labor if you’re covering a lot of files

We are working on a huge update to Fast Open / Go to File for Komodo 9, you can read the specs for in on our wiki. Though there is no plan to sort of favorite files within a certain scope, the new Fast open implementation will allow you to easily add your own scopes to facilitate this sort of thing.

All I ask for Komodo 9 is that search tools in general become smarter, or at least more project oriented. I’m tired of:

  • History items from closed projects that show up on top of Go to File
  • Open/save dialogues that point to some arbitrary folder somewhere in my computer
  • Find/Replace dialogues that default to the penultimate used term

Invoke Tool used to do an awesome work sorting items until 8.5.

When I have files or folders I want to keep at hand I often add them to the “Projects” pane. I need to do it (once) for every project but it’s very practical though.

We haven’t made any changes to the Invoke Tool in 8.5, if you’re seeing significant changes in behavior there may be a bug somewhere - but I personally haven’t seen anything like this.

The idea for the “new” Fast Open (likely we’ll be calling this the “Commando” dialog) is that we want to facilitate giving you as many scopes as you want, those scopes can contain files, commands, macro’s, snippets, symbols, anything you can think of. Then you will be able to create your own groups for scopes so for example you can search only within the macros and snippets scopes.

Yup :smile: (and that includes the existing tools, not just the fun new ones that are being written)

PS. The new Wiki looks like a great start.