Feature request: Add option to exclude folder from search


I have a new feature suggestion. I really like komodo’s Find window, but I think it lacks “exclude folder from search feature”. I’m currently working on django project and it has about 10 applicatons and every application has migration and tests folder. Files inside these folders really polute search results. It would be really helpful to exclude these folders from search.


You can exclude folders from a Project context, please check the Projects screencast: http://komodoide.com/screencasts/watch/87287634-projects-and-what-theyre-for/

Thank you very much for the answer! It appears that folder exclude works in Find dialog too (no mention it tooltip)

Hello Nathan,

Is there a way to exclude some filetypes (*.pyc, for example) from breadcrumbs?

I don’t think filtering is supported - you should file this as a breadcrumb enhancement request here:

Thanks for the reply! Filed the request.