Externally launch a tool or macro

Is there any way to launch a tool from an external application? It would be great if Komodo could register as a protocol, like komodo://, with the ability to specify a specific tool and supply it options. It would be great if we could setup some Project/Issue specific preconfigured tools to our Project Tracker. Even a way to call a CLI command (while Komodo is running) to instantiate a tool would be useful.

That’s a good idea. Please file an enhancement in our Issues Tracker: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/new

Is there any reason you can use the Run Command tool? You can execute any arbitrary command from the Run Command tool.

Have a look at the Run Command docs and let me know if that works for you or not.

  • Carey

That would be a user executing a tool from within Komodo. I was hoping to have a tool execute from another application or web page. We setup a new branch in our repository for each feature, and I created a tool for our team that automatically switches the local working copy to a specific branch for a specified issue. I would like to setup some way for a dev to click a link in our Issue Tracker to execute that tool with the Issue being viewed as a parameter.

You can launch Komodo from the commandline. To get context while opening Komodo, you can pass a Komodo project file as an argument when Starting Komodo. I don’t know what you mean by

That’s very ambiguous. What do you mean by an issue?. An entire project/feature? A single file? Komodo would have no concept of your issue tracking system so an issue would have to be something that Komodo can understand.

  • Carey

Something like komodo://tools/myIssueTool.js 90
That should run myIssueTool.js tool (in Toolbox) with argument 90.

If that is the request then why are you not using the commandline?

  • Carey

For example I want to give a link on a webpage for my team to run a macro (we all has the same macro). When a member of the team click on it (e.g. the link is komodo://tools/mycoolmacro.js) Komodo should run mycoolmacro.js macro which is available in the Toolbox.

Ok but why are you running a macro from outside of Komodo? Why aren’t you running the macro from within Komodo?

In this case, is kind of sounds like @wgraber should be using Project toolboxes for his developers to run tools there to setup whatever needs to be setup. When the dev opens a project for a project or issue

  • Carey