Experiences using xdebug on a shared development server

I was wondering if anyone in the community has experience using xdebug for remote debugging on a shared development server. As I was looking through the instructions for PHP debugging, I noticed Komodo requires its own distribution for the debugging tools and want to make sure that the other developers who use a different IDE are still able to use xdebug with their IDE on the development server that we all have to share.

Komodo does not require its own distribution for the debugging tools, we simply supply versions that are “known” to work. You should be able to make it work with other distributions as well, but the setup steps may be different.

Well - that’s not entirely true - we do require people to use our own distribution (for PHP Code Profiling to work correctly, and for QA purposes), but for general debugging purposes, any XDebug version should work correctly.

Also, Komodo’s version will work the exact same as the regular Xdebug version, Komodo’s version has a few extra commands that will not interfere for other debugger clients.

Perfect. Thank you both for the replies.

Profiling in regular Xdebug creates a file on the web server and then you need to download or read it through the network. You can still do that with Komodo IDE but it’s a manual process; the Komodo release allows to do everything automatically. There might be some other minor differences.

I suspect it’s pretty safe to use Komodo’s release with other IDEs (after all, it’s just an enhanced version) but I haven’t really tried.