Expand lists in User Interface

Here is my specific example, but of course it can be generalized to other cases.
I’m in the Languages > PHP options and I’m adding directories to the “exclude” list. After adding even only a dozen of directories, the space is clearly insufficient. It would be nice to get a way to expand it (just like an HTML textarea) or maybe to put it fullscreen.

Are those fields not scrolling for you @garakkio?

  • Carey

Yes, they’re scrolling (you can even spot the little scroller in the top left).
The problem is that scrolling by seeing 3 rows at the time is not exactly user friendly.

Ahh I can’t see your scrollbar with that color scheme :slight_smile: I was just clarifying. If there was no scrollbar then I would have said to just go ahead and file a bug.

  • Carey