Exclude files from commando only

Hi guys,

is there any way to exclude files from commando “Find Files” only? There is just an option to exclude the whole directory from my project, which is not what i want because i need that directory in my listing.

The problem is as follows: I’m a heavy user of opening files via commando because its fast. In my project directory is also a directory containing lots of plugins and modules with thousands of files. If i search for common names, i’ll get hundreds of unwanted results, making commando no more useful in this situation and i’ll have to go the “long way” to open the file.

What is the solution in this case? Thanks!

There is currently no real solution for this, I would encourage you to file a request for it.

That said, are you aware you can search based on the full path? eg. if you are looking for “foo.py” inside a directory called “/bunch/of/files” you can find it using “foo py” and specify the path using “foo py bunch”. The querying is quite flexible.

This is a great idea. I can think of a few cases where this would come in handy.

Thanks for your info, i’m aware of this feature and it’s very handy to combine but sometimes this is not good enough because not everything is in the same root directory (fortunately this isn’t the case often).
You could save a lot of same search code, if commando-excludes could be defined in the project.