Exclude directories from project

How can I exclude specific directories from my project? I know I can add the directory names I want to ignore to the project’s excluded files list, but the problem is that doing so will hide all instances of those names. In the project I’m working on, there are some directory names that are duplicated in different parts of the hierarchy and I only want to hide one of them (and for various reasons I can’t just unilaterally rename the other).

Is there any special pattern syntax that I can use in the excluded files to match a path rather than just an individual name? I tried various combinations of foo/bar, foo/bar/*, */foo/bar/*, etc., but couldn’t get anything to work. Failing that, is it perhaps possible to write a macro that hooks into that filtering process somehow?

Komodo’s includes/excludes work by matching against the base name only (i.e. the last portion of the full path), it would require an enhancement request to be able to filter on the full (or relative) filepath:

BTW - you didn’t specify which Komodo component you wanted to exclude it from - i.e. Places, Find in Files, Code Intelligence? All of the them?


Thanks, Todd! I guess I’ll file a ticket then. I was afraid that was the case, but at least it’s good to have a solid answer.

Ideally, I’d like to exclude from all of the above. Find in files is the one that really bothers me, though. Having them show in places is annoying, but not a big deal, and for my case code intelligence doesn’t really matter.