ES6 support in Edit 10.2

When is the new ES6 syntax coming to Edit intellisense… using some of the new features breaks intellisense.

Are there any other ES6 features that breaks CodeIntel?

Can it be made into an option that a user can select for ES6 support… most of my code runs on firefox or chrome…

There’s no ES6 support yet. It will be available in Komodo 11. (probably 11.x)

what’s the eta on v. 11.x ?

AFAIK it will be in this year, @nathanr could say more. IIRC they (the Komodo team) does not have a specific release date.

hate to say it… kinda sucks… i use a lot of new es6 syntax and just breaks codeintel…

I agree CodeIntel really should support ES6. As it stands we are re-developing codeintel from the ground up for Komodo 11. This translates to a lot of improvements, but sadly language specific features is not one of them. We will likely be focussing on specific languages in 11.1.

Not to say it won’t be in 11, but we’ll have to see whether time allows for that.

can’t u design condeintel… as a xml schema or json… so that it can be quickly updated… i mean it kinda sounds simple to do… but i have never done it… never had the need… but sounds simple :slight_smile:

i mean the language specific part of codeintel

That’s how codeintel catalogs work - via an xml schema. However that doesn’t contain any logic, and in order to interpret ES6 you need additional logic. It’d be difficult to formulate that logic in xml or json.

Well, I think it’s possible to implement a new language for Codeintel (like UDL but with better syntax) but I highly doubt it’s worth time to do that. We don’t have a lot of community devs asking for it anyway.

well… just asking… couse now condeintel breaks when using es6… i develop (try to) stuff as mods / plugins so that parts that need update can be done without breaking the whole thing…
anyway tnx guys…

Out of curiosity where is Javascript code intel handled? I have excess free time to take a crack at this but need a pointer to figure out where to start.

I have written my own JS lexer/transcompiler in the past so I am well aware of what kind of an abomination Ecmascript can be.

It’s in

I would not recommend that to anyone though, there’s a reason we’re rewriting large parts of codeintel for Komodo 11.