Errors when creating new language

I just upgraded to Komodo 9, and I wanted to add Cucumber language support. However, the only one available was for versions <9. So I tried to simply create my own.

Starting with Project -> New From Template -> Create Komodo Language. I follow the dialogs, filling in all of the requisite information and accept. The files are created just fine. I then ‘Build and Install’ from the toolbox.

When I then load up a .feature file (the default), everything appears correct: I get highlighting and code-completion, as desired, but I receive the notifications:

  ImportError: No module named cile_cucumber
  LangInfoError: no info on 'Cucumber' komodo lang

The second error repeats on every edit or refocus on the .feature file.

Trying to prevent that from happening, I decided to try without enabling codeintel. I no longer received the first error, but I still received the second on every edit and focus.

Suggestions on what I’m missing?