Error every time a file is opened

I have version 8.5.3 of the editor. Every time I open a file I get a pop-up error that says

Runtime Error in macro "ColorInfoTip"

Additional lines are:

var docLang = ko.views.manager.currentView.document.language;
TypeError: ko.views.manager.currentView.document is undefined

exception[fileName] = ColorInfoTip.js
exception[lineNumber] = 96
exception[columnNumber] = 0

All I have to do is click OK and everything works fine as far as I know. But this is getting extremely annoying. How do I fix it?

document has been changed on koDoc.

koDoc replaces the document object present in Komodo 5 and previous versions.

You must find the file with error and change all “document” on “koDoc” (and as i can see, you must find “document” word(s) after 96 line)

Also you can give me a “ColorInfoTip.js” file and i try to fix it.

It seems you have a macro installed which is causing this issue, either you will have to fix it (@Deman21’s response is a good starting point), disable it (turn off its triggers) or remove it.

I haven’t installed anything other than the original installation. So I have no idea how to “fix” it. I double checked the download page and I have the latest version.

Just try to fidn a “ColorInfoTip” file in your hard drive and remove or fix him

Your error message would indicate otherwise. Note that Komodo inherits settings from old installs, so maybe you had used Komodo in the past and when you installed the newest version it transferred over the malfunctioning macro.

It appears to be this macro:

Please check your Komodo Toolbox for this macro and remove it.

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I’m sorry not to have responded earlier. I just haven’t had time. I have used Komodo Edit for a long time. I have NEVER made any type of change or customization to the product. I have ALWAYS used Komodo as it was installed. That is what is so frustrating about this. The error ONLY started with version 8.5.3 build 14067. To make the assumption that I have customized this product in any way is completely WRONG. If ANYTHING was changed from the original install it was performed by some other software that was installed during the Komodo install or some other product that has absolutely nothing to do with Komodo. It was never anything I did or attempted to do.

I don’t know anything about Komodo macros and have no idea even where to find them. If I could I would just delete this problem macro and resolve the issue.

I tried looking for a prior version to install so I can get rid of this annoying and frustrating error message. But the latest release is the only one I can find. I am going to try removing the tool and deleting all directories. If this does not work I will have to look for a new tool. I like what Komodo Edit does. But this error has gone past just being an annoying event.

Just remove your Komodo profile and restart Komodo.
This error caused by macro that not compatible with new versions of Komodo.
Note: if this plugin just show color of HEX-code (e.g. #000000) - In Komodo 8.5+ It’s available with Ctrl+Click LMB on color hex-code.
Read this for information where placed your profile.