Entering literal control characters

I frequently use the ASCII character 31 (Unit Separator; Ctrl-_) as a field delimiter for the work that I do.

Using the bash command line, I can enter a literal control character by pressing Ctrl-V then the control character. (I use Ctrl-V, then Shift-Ctrl-_ when specifying Unit Separator as a delimiter for cut or sort commands).

How do I enter this control character using the Komodo 9 editor?

Hi, I’m assuming you’re on Linux. If so, press Ctrl+Shift+U. (You may or may not see a ‘u’ in the editor; this stands for unicode entry and will not be inserted into the editor.) Then type the hex value of the control character you’re interested in and press Enter. In your case you’d type ‘1F’ (ASCII 31) and the “US” character would be inserted.

If you’re on Windows or Mac OSX we’ll have to find another way.

This is the cat’s meow! Just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks for your help!