Emmet plugin not working on Komodo Edit after installation

Hi folks,

I have installed the Emmet plugin onto Komodo edit, however for some reason I can’t get it to work,

For instance I would like it to work the same way that it works in other code editors like Sublime Text, where I can type something like the below, then hit the tab key and a snippet would be magically created,


According to the Komodo Edit plugin page, the Emmet actions will be available under Tools menu. To bind keyboard shortcuts, go to Preferences > Editor > Key bindings, however I cannot get them to work,

Any help would be appreciated,


In Komodo you can’t set Tab button to “Expand Abbreviation”. I recommended to set Ctrl+E for Expand Abbreviation. I believe that this fixed in Komodo Edit 9.

To expand on what @Defman21 said; the keybind for Emmet seems to be “Emmet: Expand Abbreviation”.

Note that the Emmet addon is not developed by us, it was posted on our old extensions site and I am not certain if it is still maintained. It might be time for someone to fork it, or get in contact with the developer to figure out his plans.

Thanks man, do you happen to know when version 9 will be released by any chance?

Thanks Nathan, I found the plugin on this page: http://community.activestate.com/xpi/zen-coding however the url the guy who posted placed in there isn’t working, so not sure how to contact him…

Yes, i do. I wait for a open or close beta test :slight_smile:

This seems to be the same person that developed the addon - https://twitter.com/chikuyonok

Might be worth getting in contact with him over Twitter.

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I can contact with him, cuz I’m from Russia.
Or you can write me your message in English and i’m translate them in Russian language and you send translated text to Sergey Chikuyonok.
But if you want to contact with him by representative of Komodo, i think we must send him a tweet by official account of KomodoIDE or ActiveState.

I sent him a tweet, hopefully he’ll get back to me, if he is not too busy, thanks anyway, :smile:

Any progress?

Unfortunately not, I tweeted your compatriot, but nothing yet

Huh. I believe that he adapt Emmet to Komodo 9, when it comes out :smile:
I find sources of Emmet. Sources