Emmet Issues Indentation

Hey guys,

Recently installed Emmet on Komodo 10.2.2 and getting indentation issues.

This is the issue that is happening with the indentation, can anyone explain why this is happening? the ul tags don’t line up and the child parent relationships are all messed up. This is happening once the emmet abbreviation has been tabbed. Use emmet shortcuts alot on Sublime and Brackets, first time I have come across this issue with code editors.

Any help would be appreciated

I’ve reproduced the bug. Will try to fix.

If you use only expand abbreviation, I recommend you to use the first one since I don’t maintain the last one actively.

Hey Defman,

Thanks for the replies, currently using the Xemmet plugin but still is doing it, tab key after writing the emmet abbvreviation. Is there any way around this? Using that same way it works just fine in sublime and brackets. Is this just a bug that needs to be fixed?

Thanks again

Well, I’ve fixed that in 0.10.0 (and it’s working for me), so could you give me a code where you able to reproduce the issue?

I installed the new xemmet 0.10.0-ko.xpi and it’s still doing the same thing sorry. I am using 10.2.2 of Komodo Edit so whether this is the cause of the issues remains unknown.

I’ll try Komodo Edit. It’s working fine in IDE for both HTML and HTML5.

Thanks Defman, really appreciate your help. Really like Komodo and Emmet so would be a shame to have to use another software. Please let me know how you get on.

I’m not able to reproduce the issue in the Edit version either. Please try to restart in Safe Mode, install Xemmet (it won’t require for a restart), open a new document and expand your abbreviation there.

reinstalled Emmet and restarted Komodo 10. Looks to be working so far Defman. Thanks for all your help. Will be sure to let you know if any other issues arise. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Helped me too, thanks!