Emmet current version incompatible with Komodo 9

I used to use Emmet Add-on every time I would need to write some markup, it is the great tool that makes using of Komodo even better. However, the latest version of Emmet is not compatible with Komodo 9.x. Every time I start Komodo, I see the recommendation for the Emmet in the Welcome to Komodo splash screen, it reminds me every time that Emmet still can not be used with K9.

Is there anything I can do to use current version of the Emmet with K9? (Some kind of simple “hack” in config files, source files etc.)

The author of Emmet currently very busy on his another project but he say (in Russian) that he’ll update Emmet for Komodo 9.
Atm you can use my version. No changes between Emmet for Komodo 8.

OK, I am glad to hear, that it will be fixed sometime. Thank you Defman for your involvement in the Emmet + K9 compatibility issue.

Thank you Defman for creating this version. I am having trouble figuring out how to install it… How exactly should I go about this?

The original .xpi file will not even install. I tried adding your whole folder to the extensions folder in Komodo, and that doesn’t seem to work either. Any ideas?


Silly me… I was downloading the whole zipped source folder and didn’t realize there was a .xpi available for download. In case anyone else makes the same mistake, click on “1 release” up on the top, where you can download the .xpi file.