Editor sense new rows added to file and auto-show them?

In an older version of Komodo Edit, I once had it as a default that an open editor window would sense and display new lines added to a file by a source other than itself.

As, for instance, in the case of a log file being updated by a machine. I’d have one window open on that ever-lengthening log file, and other windows open to the text of a report. I could copy relevant rows of records from the log into the file I was working on. That was very handy.

I don’t seem find a check box for that in preferences anymore. Where, please, has it been moved to?

@Aplonis, this is working for me.
What I’m doing:

  1. I open a file in Komodo.
  2. Open the same file in another editor.
  3. I edit the file in the other editor and save.
  4. I focus back on Komodo by clicking on it.
  5. Komodo updates the files contents.

It MIGHT be the Preferences > Workspace: File Statue in Project… but I think that updates things like Published status, VCS status other “meta” info about the files state rather than it’s actual content.

Things to check:
a. Is the process updating the file releasing the file or locking it? This is OS dependent too. Linux will function differently than Windows.
b. Is the process updating the file writing the changes to disk or are they still in memory? (related to the process maybe not releaseing the file)
c. Are you focusing back on Komodo? Komodo tries to stop all work it might be doing if you’re not focused on it so it won’t update the files content until you click back on it.

  • Carey