Edit text in "Design View"

Hello, I’m trying to edit text content while previewing the content. For example in Dreamweaver we have “Design View” where we can preview HTML and make quick changes to content there.

How is this done in Komodo? How do we change content while actually previewing?


I’m not 100% what you’re asking for but it sounds like you’re asking for a WYSIWYG editor for HTML. Komodo doesn’t have this. You can preview your page in the Browser Preview and it will auto-load changes as you edit the HTML document but there is no WYSIWYG editing in Komodo.

  • Carey

That’s a bummer. I am a techie who really likes Komodo but we have staff who are not. A WYSIWYG system similar to Dreamweaver could do wonders with training. Switching back and forth from the preview window for minor edits seems like a hassle.

You can have them in two separate tabs in Komodo, side by side. There shouldn’t be any issue here.

That would likely help you a lot. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You should try what I mentioned above; use split view, have the HTML file in one tab and the browser tab in the other.

  • Carey