Edit files on Win PC in Ubuntu

my main PC is a Win 8 but I sometimes also want to use a Linux Laptop with (Ubuntu in the moment).

As this is not my field of expertise I am happy that I managed to have access to the files on my Win 8 via local Network. I can open and edit these files (webprojects) with the simple text editor on Ubuntu (gEdit ?). But the file browser in Komodo on Linux only shows the local files, not the network files. And also the function in the file explorer “Open with other Applikation” does not offer Komodo.

What I would like to achieve is to edit the files on the linux pc and then watch the result on the win pc in localhost.

If your windows pc is on the same local network as your linux pc you can simply set up a network share on Windows and access it from Linux. I’d recommend following a guide like this if you’re not familiar with how to do this.