Edit > Cut multiple times accumulates the lines in the clipboard

Hello, everyone. Recently I’ve noticed the Edit >Cut command behaving quite differently when invoked multiple times without any cursor movement between each invocation – specifically, it is accumulating all of the deleted lines into the system clipboard, so when I paste the contents of the clipboard, it pastes all of the cut lines, instead of just the last one which was cut. I can understand that people would like to have a Cut and Append command at their disposal, but I think it should be by choice, and not as a replacement for the standard Cut command. This new behavior appears to be introduced in a fairly recent update of Komodo IDE, as I didn’t see it in the initial version I started using.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about and, if so, know how to revert the behavior back to the traditional approach of cutting the lines one by one into the clipboard (so a paste command will output just the most recently deleted line)?

This isn’t new behavior but I’ve never looked at the code for it. It’s been around since I started at ActiveState. You can file an enhancement request to add a pref for it but given how long you’ve been working with Komodo, and only now hitting it, it seems like it doesn’t need it.

I haven’t looked at the code but I’d agree with this assessment.

  • Carey

Thanks for your reply! It’s possible that on those rare occasions in the past when I cut multiple single lines (as opposed to cutting a block of multiple lines) and then pasted, I probably assumed I’d goofed my keystrokes somehow, since I’ve never before seen the behavior as the default in any other editor. But I can see a rationale for this approach. Anyway, it sounds like it would make for an excellent preference. I’ll add it.