Ecma2015 syntax not working

Sorry for my english. Seems that ecma2015 (and maybe ES6) syntax autocomplete and code check not working at all. screenshot

used latest version of ide

ES6 codeintel is unfortunately not yet supported. It will likely be added in Komodo 11.1.

Thank you. Very good ide, but without this future, it is not web ide. PhpStorm much cheaper and has this future and more another futures. Komodo looks more better and not so heavy as storm, but is unsuitable for web developing. I’m very sorry.

That’s not true if you’re an individual. Make sure you check the “KOMODO PERSONAL FOR STUDENTS AND FREELANCERS” section on the pricing page:

but phpstorm for students is free. individual 89$

Well then, I stand corrected. Important to note that Komodo isnt JUST for PHP though.

ok. I understand. When es6 feature will be in Komodo? Thanks.

Komodo 11 will have a almost completely rewritten implementation of CodeIntel which will in turn facilitate us to add new CodeIntel features and enhance our languages. ES6 will be one of the priorities once Komodo 11 is out, I will be doing my best to have ES6 support in by 11.1, which should follow a few months after 11.

ok. thanks. will wait.