Easy way to save/load the workspace

Is there any easy way to save/load the workspace (open files, etc.) without using a project?
I don’t use the project feature, but would like to use the save/load the workspace feature, because I’m switching context pretty often.

I guess the code for this is somewhere in KO, that could be used e.g. by a macro.

Why you don’t use project feature?

Because it assumes that project files are under the same folder.
But I have quite some global libraries shared between “projects” that should be closed/opened (saved with the workspace) too.

I’d wish for a feature that loads/saves the list of all open files regardless of a project. Like when KO crashes and asks you to restore workspace on restart.

Hmm. I open 5 files (not project) and close Komodo. My workspace was loaded when i start Komodo.
I think you don’t enable “restore last workspace” in Preferences -> Projects and Workspaces -> “When starting Komodo:”

You would have to be using a Project as far as I am aware.

Note that you can add external folders to your project by right clicking the project in your Places widget, eg. http://files.naatan.com/ba2G/Ttl2PSo0

To implement such a feature - you could use a macro (I’d not bother trying to re-use the Komodo workspace APIs - as they are tied to Komodo preferences) - a simple “getAllFiles”, “customSaveFileList”, “closeAllFiles” approach - and Komodo will remember the file positions when you close the files.

FYI, this was added in Komodo 9.1

  • Carey