Drop PPA support

Hello! My name is Mystic-Mirage and I maintained (unofficial) Komodo Edit PPA repository for four years.


Sorry, guys! No more updates here. I’m not using Komodo Edit anymore and today I am not able to build a new version of Komodo Edit. And I have no time to solve this. It has become too hard to support this PPA.

Please, ask ActiveState to add support for Unity Menubar (https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/pull/868) and/or Ubuntu packages. It was nice to be with you these years. Thanks for your emails. It is the pleasure to know that my work is useful for people all over the world.

Dear ActiveState! Please, pay attention to all 3,600+ downloaders of this PPA. Take care of them.

Good luck!

With best regards,

Thank you for great job you did with that PPA.

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Hi @Mystic_Mirage, sorry for the late response - I’ve been on vacation for a few days.

Let me start by saying that I’m sad to see you go, I have no doubt you’ve been a huge help to many Ubuntu users over the years.

About the unity menubar: we have a PR open from you for the unity menubar patch which we are hopefully going to be integrating for Komodo 11. Thanks again for submitting this!

As for a Ubuntu specific build: I cannot currently commit to this but we are always mindful of new distribution options. Unfortunately with distributing to a new platform comes creating new builds, maintaining new builds and supporting new builds. There’s a lot that goes into it that you aren’t aware of as an end-user. I say this for the benefit of anyone reading this, because I’m sure @Mystic_Mirage knows exactly what I’m talking about after having maintained a Komodo edit build for a couple of years.

So in short, we may yet have official Komodo IDE and Edit builds for Ubuntu, but as of right now I cannot commit to this. That said any Ubuntu user can download our Linux distribution of Komodo IDE/Edit and have it running in minutes. This distribution is pre-compiled, all you do is extractit and run it. It’s not as convenient as apt-get, but it should be sufficient for any existing users.

@Mystic_Mirage what happens to users that are currently using your distribution? Does apt give them some sort of heads up that a package isn’t maintained anymore? Additionally, does Komodo’s auto-update functionality continue to work in your distribution? I want to make sure these users don’t end up stranded with the last version you maintained.


I can try that.

Tried that. Automatic update checking does not work.

Ahh perfect! Thanks @Defman!

@Mystic_Mirage would you mind directing them to the current alternative (downloading the linux distribution from komodoide.com), for the time being?

Additionally, I’m not sure if anyone approached you about an IDE license over all these years. My sincerest apologies if no one has. I’d be happy to send you one free of charge as a thank you for your years of service to the community. I understand you’ve moved on to another editor, but perhaps you can still make use of it.

Thank you!

Hi! Komodo Edit internal update system is disabled as discussed here – https://bugs.activestate.com/show_bug.cgi?id=101086

If Unity Menubar patch will be merged, it will be logical to create deb packages for Ubuntu. But if there will be some problems with this I promise to think about to resume support of my PPA. Packaging is not so hard as building from source (and it takes less time).

And it would be nice to have Komodo IDE license :slight_smile:


So, how is going?
Komodo 10.1 is out and I’m not sure if drop my PPA config by the hope of the resume of the PPA. I have some students and comrades who use the PPA, so too they are to expectation about that possibility.

Also, thanks to Komodo team for an awesome Editor and to @Mystic_Mirage for all those years maintaining the PPA.

As I said the earliest we would do anything with this would be Komodo 11. For now there is no PPA support, whether it’s from a first or third party.

@Mystic_Mirage and @nathanr if nothing has happened so far, is it possible for you to pass the PPA onto someone else?

I would most definitely be interested. I run my own server for many years (cheaper than buying hosting service :slight_smile: ). I also regularly send out fresh compiles to game servers for those that hate compiling. shoot me a quick tutt on how ppa’s work and what is needed to make it work, and I would be happy to host it (if only temp so others can keep getting this amazing editor) get me by email.