Downgraded from 9.2 to 9.1

I downgraded because there seems to be more problems not less when dealing with remote file systems. Komodo 9.2 locks up more, and takes longer to open (if it opens at all) I force-quitted more than ever with 9.2.

OSX Yos.

Not sure what’s going on there, but could you try to disable Detect when files are changed outside the environment in Preferences - Editor in 9.2?

I had that set in 9.1. Would that have been picked up after upgrading?

It should, but there was an issue with copying prefs from previous version onto the new one. @nathanr?

Absolutely no reason for 9.2 to be noticeably slower than 9.1, sounds like you may be running into some other issue.

Did you use the pre-release by chance? I would try removing your 9.2 profile folder and let it re-generate it when you start Komodo again.

Or try to run Komodo with temporary clean profile. Unfortunately I don’t remember the command :frowning:

@Defman explained here:

But first try my previous suggestion.

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