Double Click of application bar maximize/restore (OSX?)

AFAIK, all desktop environments support double-clicking on the title bar to maximize/restore.

Komodo is a little different in that it does not obey this convention. I should be able to double-click anywhere in the gray area.

Finder which is visually similar, does, but it only does vertical. I’d prefer both, like terminal, chrome, etc.

This appears to be working in Windows. Not sure what the convention is in Linux. If this is the convention for OSX then @Scorp1us, I think you can just file a bug for this. This is a UX bug, not a feature request IMO.

  • Carey


I think you have to turn on native window decorations in order for this to work on OSX. Have you tried that @Scorp1us?

(Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Platform Integration > Use native window borders)


Oh right, you could probably just do that. It works in Windows without doing that FWIW.

  • Carey

That’s sort of a hack. I’d prefer if the behavior matched chrome, which has is own custom window title.
If I enable that setting, yeah, i get a OS window title bar., and it does work, but then that takes up additional space. Komodo should just support double clicking in the gray, like Chrome.

@Scorp1us, It’s a workaround. Mitchell did not intend that to be the fix. The fix will come when the bug report is closed.

  • Carey