DOM Inspector for IDE 9.0

Well, DOM Inspector is a really cool helper to create extensions for Komodo IDE. But for 9.0 DOM Inspector just don’t work (in theory it’s work, but in Tools menu I can’t see “DOM Inspector”). I’m just change <em:maxVersion>, but this don’t give a result. Any ideas?

Changing maxVersion worked fine for me. Can you ensure that DOM Inspector is listed under Tools > Addons and is enabled?

Also remember you have to restart Komodo after installing the addon.

Hmm, as I understand - /home/defman/.komodoide/9.0/XRE/extensions/ - folder that contains DOM Inspector?

I don’t know what happens, but I just copy folder from /home/defman/.komodoide/8.5/XRE/extensions/ to /home/defman/.komodoide/9.0/XRE/extensions/ and change maxVersion - all work’s fine. I think I don’t must build this addon, but I trying to do it in past :smiley:

You have to modify the maxVersion in the xpi file, not the actual installed extension folder. Download the DOM inspector xpi file, rename it to .zip, extract it somewhere, modify the install.rdf then zip the files and rename it back to .xpi.

I’m solved this, Naatan. I know, that in this forum we have different delays :smile: