Does Komodo support unlimited params in PHPdoc?

From manual:

 * Example of unlimited parameters.
 * @param string $s string to display
 * @param mixed $v variable to display with var_dump()
 * @param mixed $v,... unlimited OPTIONAL number of additional variables to display with var_dump()
function fancy_debug($s,$v)
   print $s."<blockquote>\n";
   if (func_num_args()>2)
         $a = func_get_arg($i);
         print "<br>\n";
   print "</blockquote>\n";

So when I try to show doc for function fancy_debug, Komodo must show me something like this:
fancy_debug(string $s, mixed $v,...) or fancy_debug(string $s, mixed $v, [mixed $v]), but it’s not. I see only fancy_debug(string $s, mixed $v). E.g. for function __construct() I can see __construct([mixed $args, [$...]]) and it’s look nice. In May’14 I create topic with another bug with PHPDoc: PHPDoc doesn't print correctly but it’s doesn’t fixed. Can you “upgrade” PHPDoc and JSDoc in final release of Komodo 9 when it’s “see the world”?
Best regards, Defman.

Could you please file an enhancement request for this? Forums are not the best medium to track this sort of stuff.

I’m must attach file or what? If yes, I’m must attach log or code example?

No, file an enhancement request on the bug tracker -

Enhancement request = feature request (sort of).

Ah, “file” means not only file (like myfile.exe or something like this). Okay I do what you say :smile:

BTW, I think it’s best to wait on the language for this one - PHP 5.6 includes varadic functions:

class MySQL implements DB {
    public function query($query, ...$params) {

and Komodo will show the proper calltip for this function.


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Yeah, I know about this feature in PHP5.6. Anyway - thanks!