Does Font Awesome panel have an icon on 10.1

Hi @babobski

I am trying out Komodo IDE 10.1 and I noticed that the Font Awesome panel does not have an icon. Screenshot.

Is it supposed to have an icon?

I tried this out on a fresh install of Komodo IDE 10.1 on Linux Mint 17.3.

Hi Furnox, I’m seeing the same behavior here on windows.
The panel used to have a icon in komodo 9.*

but its currently not loading the icon.
Opend a issue for it.

Thanks for the report

Ah, glad I could help.

And my thanks for your addons.

@furnox thanks, found out what is the problem, there is currently a bug inside komodo that is causing the icon not to appear.

Note the workaround here:

@nathanr thanks, got it working.

@furnox the icon is back in the latest release

Cool. Thanks @babobski and @nathanr.