Documentation for creating add-ons?

Where can I find documentation on creating add-ons in Komodo (and fixing bugs in other people’s addon-ons :wink: )? Thanks.

Here are some documents that i have started to create for information on how to create an extension.

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Creating add-ons for Komodo is similar to creating add-ons for Firefox since Komodo is based on Mozilla core.
So MDN about creating XPI’s/manifests/etc. is your friend here.
If you’re looking for API docs, they are here:
Legacy SDK is low-level SDK, in most cases you don’t have to use it. The second SDK (or CommonJS SDK, The Komodo SDK, etc.) is more easier to use: it provides a lot of methods to work with low-level SDK via simple functions, like require('ko/logging').getLogger('myLogger') or require('ko/editor').undo(), etc.
If you have any questions related to creating add-ons, you can visit our IRC channel:

That is awesome! Consider directly contributing them to

On topic: there are some more useful links over here:

I will consider adding my technical documents to komodo docs once i have completed my project and finialised the documents as i believe there is still a lot to do before i commit it.

Ok i have put some information on creating an extension on the website.
Found here

Note that this is still under development so bear with me it should be enough to get you started.