DockSearch add-on

Dock Search has now been broken/obsoleted by recent ‘Find in Files’ UI overhaul in 9.3.

But now I can’t have it open at all times! :cry:
Nor can I move it to left pane or right pane! :cry:

I’m desperate!

Don’t cry sir, you can :smile: Preferences - Find - Pin the Find Frame (check Show All Settings in left bottom of the prefs window)

Thank you good sir.
That helps a bit.

Btw I can have a look at this add-on to restore its functionality. I think it won’t be very hard to do it.

If you manage to do that, PM me your PayPal Donate address please. :smiley:

I don’t have PayPal nor I want to get money for that :slight_smile: You’ll get it for free.


Yes, yes! It’s back. :heart_eyes:

Thanks a million good sir.

Alas, there is a small annoyance/bug with it now:
On opening Komodo, the default search scope is ‘Current document’ (it was always like that), but there is little use of it like that so I would always click on the ‘Where’ drop down and choose ‘Files’ to make it ‘Find in Files’ tool (most useful tool ever IMHO). But now, when I do that in v0.1.3, my whole Komodo window gets horizontally resized to the size of that UI widget (about third of the original desired size). So now, whenever I start Komodo I need to both click ‘Files’ scope AND to resize the whole window back to the size I want it to be.

I’ll try to fix it but it depends on Komodo’s functionality (find2.xul).

If you can make default search scope to be ‘Files’ instead of ‘Current document’, that would be awesome.


Komodo community rocks! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: