Do I really need to accept the ActiveState Platform?

Hi guys!

Lately I has been getting this message when I start Komodo IDE 11.1.0

So, I wanted give it a try, I created my ActiveState platform account (seems like my current ActiveState account doesn’t work there), I downloaded the latest version and tried to install and I got this message.

So, I have to REMOVE my precious Komodo IDE in order to install the latest version, in previous updates this was not needed, this will be the first time I have to uninstall Komodo IDE.

Am I going to lose my settings, skin, key bindings, snippets, projects, add-ons, Databases, abbreviations, servers and more?

Do I really need this update? If is not needed, can I avoid the update pop up?
(When I press the “Not interested” button, it appears again on the next Komodo restart).

Sorry for making many questions.

Morning @stramin,

Yes you do need to uninstall (and technically speaking this has always been the case. I’ll explain). With the addition of the Platform integration there was a pretty jarring changing to the startup sequence of Komodo where you will be required to login to the platform using the account you just created (bye bye license installer). Because of that we decided it would be a bad idea to “auto-update” you all to this new version and instead make a voluntary process of you manually installing the latest version. Because of THAT you need to uninstall 11.1.0 to install 11.1.1.

Nothing will change. Komodo will start up from your 11.1 profile directory.

If you want the bug fixes that came with it, and bug fixes that come in subsequent release, then yes you should update. But no, Komodo shouldn’t continuously ask you to update. Clicking “Not Interested” should set a pref that stops it. You’ve confirmed a bug that someone reported last night, thanks!:

Not a problem at all.

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@stramin, Looks like that ticket got closed and the dialog should be gone once you click “Not Interested”. Can you double check that you’re clicking that button and not the windows x to close it?

Ok, I just tested it, I clicked on the “Not interested” button, closed Komodo Ide and opened again, and the update windows keep showing.

Thank you for your answers, I going to uninstall and install the latest version.

Oh, I just installed and the window to join the platform continues showing :o

The good new is that it seems I didn’t lose anything :smiley:

@stramin, could you comment on the bug report I shared if you’re continuing to have issues with the dialog appearing?

That’s great your settings are all there, that’s expected!

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