Disappearing toolbar icons

I’ve read some posts but they were 2+ years old - but about the same problem. Toolbar icons just disappearing for no reason, while editing. I have not managed to find any pattern to this, only that it is more frequent as I have increased the pace of my work and had more files open and more editing happening.

I am on the latest build of Komodo Edit on Windows 7 64 bit.

I have created my own “theme” or whatever it’s called here - both color scheme and custom css. But I cannot fathom that could cause icons to disappear at random times. Then again I’m no css expert.

Thanks in advance. I like a lot about this product, and was considering dumping Eclipse and Atom both. But I have found some serious flaws and apparently I’m not alone in that.

I need more information. I’m not aware of this issue. Can you share some reference posts? If not that, more details eg. which buttons? Which toolbar? Any thing in the logs? etc.

  • Carey

Sure, I’ll do some searching again. I was actually looking for info to tell me if the 1 toolbar there is was a hard restriction. Which apparently it is, if my reading of the plugin dev docs I found was anything near accurate.
So when you ask me which toolbar - I’m not sure how to answer. I have the normal File-Edit-View-etc menubar at the top, then a toolbar with just icons - which I understand I can hide/show or create a new button with script behind it - and then I have the tab strip of my docs. Are there other toolbars I’m not aware of?

And it has become common enough that I have 2 snips to show you exactly what it looks like from here:

Here is the way the toolbar normally looks

And here is what it looks like now, as I have been idle a few minutes

I have 8 files open, 2 modified, html, php, txt, and .java
I tried switching to different file types, making changes, opening another folder (I do not use “projects” so that pane stays empty at the bottom).
The “Go to anything” is on the far right and does not disappear.
Going into customize, those buttons show as being visible.
I saved my docs, but left all of them open, exit and come back in - and the buttons return.

I’ll see what I can do about finding the past posts I read, if you really think that’ll help. There was no useful information there as far as I could see.

note: I am not certain why the second image looks smaller and lower-res - they were both done with Windows snipping tool. Perhaps because the second one was not the actively focus. (yes the buttons are still hidden regardless of focus)

That’s very odd. Have you noticed any pattern wrt when the icons disappear? Also, are you using multiple monitors with varying resolutions by chance?