Disappearing Find Bar - Komodo Edit

This seems slightly broken, but I may just be missing a setting etc -
The Find Bar which sits at the bottom of the window, invoked with ctrl-f, despite having a ‘x’ for “close find bar” disappears on clicking within the edit area. Driving me bonkers having to ctrl-f to bring it back for multiple finds and edits.
Help me Obi-Wan

So I just don’t understand what are you talking about. Your “slang” just break my brains.
Note: I’m from Russia. And here is not Obi-Wan on the forums.

Hi Sergey, sorry about your brains. Here’s the problem:

  1. ctrl-f => the find bar appears at the bottom on widow
  2. click within code to edit => the find bar disappears
  3. How can I keep the find bar permanently pinned open? It seems like it should stay open as it has a “close the bar” button which implies that it is permanently open until closed with this button.


Unfortunately this is by design and there is currently no easy way to modify this behaviour. I’ll consider adding a pref for it in the Komodo 9 pre-release.

Thanks Nathan :slight_smile:

So, at now I’m understand what are you talking about :smile:

Ah OK Sergey, sorry for the confusion and thanks for your interest.
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Did you know Russian? Or you just copy it from the Internet?
У кого не UTF-8 - у того битая кодировка русского языка >:)