Disable autocomplete feature for JS conditions


I want to remove or reconfigure the autocomplete feature in Javascript for conditions and functions, everytime i type “if(” for exemple i get this :

if (test) {

Which is useless and pretty annoying to delete everytime I write a condition. I would just like Komodo to add the closing bracket, or nothing if it isn’t possible.

Same for functions :

function name(args) {

I looked in Komodo options but found nothing about that. Is there an hidden option somewhere for that ?


I don’t understand your properly, but if I do, you can change trigger characters in Preferences - Editor - Smart Editing (when you type “if” and press space - it’s abbreviate “if” statement to if (test) { //blablabla }, so you just can remove space (it’s after ! character :smiley: )) .

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I just disabled the feature ("(" was triggering it in fact), now it work as expected and it still add the closing bracket when i open one. Perfect.

Thanks for the help !

In your case you just could remove ( and space from Auto-abbreviation trigger characters (and your string will be looks like this: ->!\t@#$%^&*)+[]{}\\|/?:;<,"') and don’t disable Auto-abbreviation feature :smile:
This feature increase your speed of code typing and makes your code clear (just for example:

if(blablabla) {


if (blablabla) {

Second example looks great because there are spaces before ( and after ) and code automatically tabulated. )

And understand - you disable autocomplete for ALL languages, not only for JavaScript.

Indeed, i removed only the space and ( . I agree that autocomplete helps to make a cleaner code, but having to removed everytime the useless //code and param made me loose more time in the end than without autocomplete.

Open right pane.
Go to Samples ([KOMODO VERSION]) - Abbreviations - JavaScript-common - * - keywords. Find if and press RMB on if snippet and select Edit snippet. Remove [[%tabstop://code]] and [[%tabstop:test]]

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This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome :wink:

Just to expand upon the topic here - you effectively disabled any and all types of autocompletions using the specified characterse. If this is what you wanted; good! But you may in fact just have wanted to disable that specific autocompletion. To do this you would find the relevant snippet in your Toolbox, most likely something like Toolbox Samples > Abbreviations > JavaScript > if, then you right click that and select Properties and then in Properties you untoggle Auto-Abbreviation.

Personally what I like to do is leave these Auto-Abbreviations turned on but change the trigger character to \t, which allows me to trigger snippets by typing their name and then pressing TAB.