Directory Fold Icon & Directory Icon in Panel File Selector

Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide the answer to this puzzle that continues to elude me.

I am using Komodo 10.2.3, on Ubuntu 17.04. I have reset my interface to defaults and searched the preferences, and the configuration files (e.g. *.less) for the setting that will allow me to set both the following in the file selector panel:

  • Directory Fold Icon
  • Directory Icon

I have seen screen shots that show a heavy fold icon and an icon for the directory, like the following:

In my case, I have a barely distinguishable thin fold icon, and no directory icon:

Is this a simple fix that I am somehow not identifying in the preferences configuration, or is this a setting I can change manually in the configuration files, or perhaps I have something set incorrectly from a configuration previous to an upgrade?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.