Difference between find commands

Hi, I have a question about commands, which is the difference between:

  • Find next
  • Find next result
  • Incremental search

And their opposite:

  • Find prev
  • Find prev result
  • Incremental search backwards

They seems similar.

Thank you!

Find next/previous simply jump forward of backward to the next find result in the current file.

Find next/previous result does the same but has the context of a multiple file search. ie. a search that open a “Find results” tab in the bottom pane.

Incremental search and Incremental search backwards are basically the exact same thing. They only work in the current fine. I think the difference (which you won’t see) is that when it looks for your pattern in your current file it will highlight the results backforwards or forwards, depending on which command you used. It makes no difference though since when you use Fine next it will move FORWARD (eg. left to right, top to bottom) regardless of which command you used. So in summary, Incremental Search Backward appears to be redundant though I’d have to do more research to take action on that.

  • Carey
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