Did Komodo 9 support CSS3 and something useful rules?

Did Komodo 9 support CSS3 and something useful rules?
For example about useful rules:
::-moz- must show a lot of Mozilla-only rules, but doesn’t. (for example -moz-selection)

We haven’t done any work on that yet, but likely will. Please feel free to file an enhancement request on the bug tracker.

We do provide the browser vendor specific rules, but only for CSS properties - e.g.

foo { -moz-appeance:  none; }

not for the pseudo elements and classes… enhancement request added here:

Why do you even need mozilla-only rules?) They should go together with standart CSS3 rules anyway, and there’s snippets for inserting them together or visual generators like http://css3generator.com/
I believe -moz atributes are temporary anyway. There’s gonna be one standard for all in the end, so there’s no need to adapt IDE for -moz rules.

It’s a question to me? If yes, I’m need not only -moz- rules. I’m need all CSS3 rules.

Because Mozilla uses a lot of these rules for their own UI, which uses CSS as well. A lot of these rules would not be applicable to web development as they are very specific, and so they will not be part of the standard.