Debugging with a Perl extension module

Working in Windows 7, Perl 5.8.8.
Just downloaded Komodo to debug a Perl application implemented partially in script and partially in a Perl extension module written in C++ and PerlXS and built as a DLL.
This application has been around for more than 10 years.

The DLL module has more then 900 variables that are added to the Perl context by C statements such as


This simVarType_flagBit shared variable happens to be an enum constant defined in C++.
The Komodo debugger is flagging the references as “requires explicit package name”
in the Perl code unless I use the appropriate scoping prefix. Due to the number of variables manually fixing this would take a lot of work.
I am hoping someone could give me another way to accomplish this.

J.R. Heisey

I see you’ve logged this on our bug tracker, we’ll track this issue there :slight_smile: