Debugging Python3 in a virtual environment

Hi. I am working with Komodo on Ubuntu and want to debug a script that is supposed to run in a python3 virtual environment. I assume I can’t just point the debugger at the default python3 interpreter and have it access the libraries that are part of the venv. Can I? If not, how do point it in the right direction?



from dbgp.client import brk; brk('')


@DryHeat122, I can’t tell if you mean an actual virtual machine in which case Groszer’s response to do Remote Python Debugging would help.

Or if you mean virtualenv then you can point Komodo Python prefs (*Edit menu (Komodo menu on OSX) > Preferences > Languages > Python3) at the [virtualenv folder]/bin/python interpreter. You’d probably want to setup a Komodo project in this context though so you’re not telling EVERY Python file you open in Komodo to use your virtualenv install.

Yes it was the virtualenv. Thanks I figured it was something like this.