Debugging Preferences Settings

I’m not sure if this is a feature request, I am missing an option in the preferences, or a bug - but I’ll start here.

When I want to run a program with the debugger, in both the Windows and Mac version (10.2.3) when I click “Go” to start the debugger, it does not populate the “Script” with the program that currently has focus.
For example:

  • I run a program in the debugger called, “”. The program completes successfully and the debugger has finished running.
  • I switch to a different open tab in Komodo, “” and click “Go” to run that script. The Debugger window fills in with “” (the last program run). If I fail to notice this or correct it, then it will re-run the previous script, not the one that currently has focus in the Komodo application.

I’m not seeing this myself. Regardless this sounds like a bug, please report it on the bug tracker.

Okay, I’ll put it in the bug tracker, thanks.