Debugging Options - Configuration: use on a different machine

I’m using different machines during development. Also I use different debugging configurations on my sourcecode witihn Komodo (for example: I’m working on a library - to debug this library I have different test scenarios: UnitTest-Scripts and IntegrationTest-Scripts testing different aspects of my library - those scripts are (also) used during debugging sessions within stored debugging configurations)
As the debug-configurations are not stored within the komodo-project itself (where they should be stored - as they are project specific), it’s not possible to use the same debug configurations on a different machine …

Why isn’t project specific configuration (as debug configuration is for sure) stored within the project itself - rather than being stored in machine specific configuration files? This does not make any sense to me and looks like a very bad design idea … (this is valid for most of project/file specific settings - which are not stored within the project itself), as project specific settings cannot be easily exchanged.

Debugging currently is project agnostic, that’s just how it was designed. I can’t say why as it was created ages ago. UX improvements are a big part of our continued focus though, so I’ve opened an enhancement request here:

Hi @hoppfrosch1,

You can save project specific debugging settings under the project properties: Right click project > Properties > Debugging

  • Carey