Debugger trying to open port and stalls, why?

Trying to find out why the debugger doesn’t run. I used the curports utility to find if there was a port issue. I compared the logs from a system which COULD run the debugger, to the log from the one that couldn’t. I noticed this line on the system that worked:

6/13/2023 12:22:42 AM Added dbgp_tcldebug.exe TCP

And this appears to be a comparable line for the system that didn’t:

6/13/2023 1:06:12 PM Added dbgp_tcldebug.exe TCP*

I don’t believe asking for a socket on is a legitimate request. Does anyone know under what circumstances an app might swap (the localhost) for ?

For example, is it possible a firewall or antivirus might be intercepting the request and changing parameters? If so, can do you have any known examples I can send to the infrastructure team?