Debugger not starting, port be blocked?


If anyone has experience troubleshooting Komodo local debugging issues, I’d appreciate some help.

I have installed both Komodo 8 and 12 on a client’s WVD (Windows) remote desktop. It’s extremely locked down. The admins say they have applied Firewall rules granting Komodo local port access, but local debugging just stalls. Running without debugging works, so the path to the interpreter seems ok.

I am just trying to launch local debugging, and it still isn’t working. It doesn’t launch the app and has a status of “Debugger is starting…” and hangs until I stop the debugger.

Here are the last few lines of the debug log, it looks like the debugger is launching a helper on the local loop and possibly port 17000.

debug     pathtouri (1) C:/Projects/mdx/v5/milo/app/import_v5_1.tcl
debug     pathtouri (2) absolute
debug     pathtouri (3) C:/Projects/mdx/v5/milo/app/import_v5_1.tcl
debug     pathtouri (4) (C:/) (Projects) (mdx) (v5) (milo) (app) (import_v5_1.tcl)
debug     pathtouri (5) C:/Projects/mdx/v5/milo/app/import%5fv5%5f1%2etcl
debug     ok
debug     N | Sessions: 1
debug     ::client run launch
debug     | dead Listening {17000 (on zcmwvddev-280)} n/a n/a
debug     ::client export applaunch
debug     ::client run debugee
LOG(message,833562953): Launching C:\Tcl\bin\tclsh.exe  @ 17000 (:C:/Projects/mdx/v5/milo/app/import_v5_1.tcl) (tcldbgp19744) ()
LOG(message,833563164): Using launch helper C:/Program Files (x86)/ActiveState Komodo IDE 12/lib/support/tcl/appLaunch.tcl
debug     |
debug     EVENT LOOP __ Waiting for application to attach
debug     ENTER ...

Does this look like the port is blocked, and is that port 17000?
Is 17000 a fixed port number or can I set this somewhere? (The debugger port in the prefs seems to be for remote debugging, or Komodo as a listener client, but I’m not sure).

Or could this be a symptom of the helper app not launching?

Morning @CrashAlpha,

Try setting a port in Edit menu > Preferences > Debugging > Connections > A specific port.

I haven’t looked at that code in a while so not 100% sure that effects local debugging but it’s worth a shot.

FYI, if you’re curious in dig into it, Komodo IDE is open source now and the source code can be found here.

Carey, just wanted to thank you and confirm that after a lot of back and forth with the network management team, the problem was indeed local port blocking. So for anyone else wondering, they can see the symptoms above and consider perhaps this is their issue too.

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