Debugger attempt with invalid cookie

Has anybody else been seeing this on attempting to launch the debugger? I get this when I launch the debugger for python (I haven’t tried any other languages yet). It seems like this is a persistent issue, since it will sometimes survive restarting the program, rebooting the computer, and even a reinstall of Komodo itself. It seems like it only began when I updated to 9.2, and I can still debug using 8.5 when this error locks me out of debugging. Anybody know a good fix for this? Sometimes I can get it to go away by debugging another program (usually a basic Hello World type of program), but sometimes I just have to use an older version and try again later.

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Please attach the full error and your log (Help - Troubleshooting - View Log File). I remember that someone was facing with the same issue but I don’t remember how he solved it. Are you using CGI environment in Debugger by a chance? (Press F5 and see if the checkbox is active ).

I have the CGI environment turned off, this much I know for sure. As soon as this error comes up again, I will copy my log and attach it here. I’m working on something relatively complex right now, so I’m sure it will come up again in a day or two.

I have the same issue, both with CGI on and off.
I suspect the problem is originated from termios but I cannot tackle the problem.