Debug with Google App Engine (GAE)

I’m just getting back into using Komodo, and Google App Engine (GAE). I used to be able to debug when using GAE by:

  1. From within Komodo, select “Debug | Go”
  2. For [Script] enter C:\Progra~2\Google\google_appengine\
  3. For [Directory] enter C:\Users\Me\MyProject
  4. For [Script Arguments] enter App (name of MyProject subdir holding project)
  5. Check “Debug in separate console”
  6. Click OK

The separate command window comes up, but just hangs with no output. When I open a command prompt manually, go to the Directory named above, and type the Script command with the App argument, things run. If I do this via the Run Command in Komodo, it also works.

But I can’t get it to work in Debug mode. I hope it’s just something simple; I’m a little rusty after several years doing other things.

In fact, here’s an old link to an ActiveState blog that appears to say what I said above. But I can’t get it to work.

Duplicate of Google App Engine Debugging Hangs/Doesn't Start