Debug tooltip small height on komodo ide (8.5.4, build 86985) with classic skin


I am working with Komodo IDE 8.5.4, build 86985 on Windows 10 Pro, and I have found that after changing DPI to 125% and then back to 100%, the tooltips height is few pixels, so small that I cannot see the variables content. When hovering on arrays, their size is ok.
I noticed that when I change the skin to the abyss, then I get the normal size.
Is there a way to “reset” this behaviour also with classic skin?

Thank you

When you switch back to the Classic Skin from Abyss does the text get small again?


Unfortunately I like light color skins and the default is the only one

This is a snapshot that shows the size of the tooltip

@scambias, try stopping Komodo, renaming C:\Users[YOU]\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE\8.5\XRE then starting Komodo again and see if the issue persists.

  • Carey

@careyh, unfortunately the problem is still there. Some hints: if the tooltips contains more than one row, it is visibile (i.e. the variable is an array or a long string).
I could use another skin but I need a default-like skin (light colours and not dark like abyss).
I am pretty sure it was all working before changing the DPI (even if I came back to 100%).

@careyh, I fixed with this (found by chance browsing the files under folder C:\Users\scambias\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE\8.5\XRE):
I added into the file:
C:\Users\scambias\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE\8.5\XRE\lessCache\1521487718155\chrome\komodo\skin\platform.css the following css rule under tooltip section (that was empty):
/* Tooltips */
tooltip {
height: 100% !important;
This fixed my issue but: how can I make this as stable (the folder is “deletable” as you just suggested me to do!)?

You could use userChrome.css which is the typical way you would do these customization in 8.5.

  • Carey