Debug Tab has disappeared

As well as the various watch panes.
I cannot find anything on the menus.
Any idea how to get them back?

I can get to the sub tabs of Output Call Stack and HTML.

I really need to variable and watch panes.

I got them back by renaming the “Perl Debugger” folder in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ActiveState.

I should not need to do that.

Hi @jrheisey,

I’m not really following what has happened to your setup but changing something in the registry shouldn’t effect the Komodo UI. Please include screenshots next time otherwise we’re not sure what you’re seeing and what you’re missing.

Though changing HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ActiveState appears to have fixed your issue, I suspect that it was an indirect fix and not the actual cause of the issue.

  • Carey


Actually it is common practice for applications in Windows to store GUI state information in the registry when you customize it. This is how an application is able to open up the next time with the same opened window panes, placement and sizes. So this does not surprise me at all.

When I looked at the information in the registry nothing popped out at me about the Debug tab of the bottom pane. Lots of stuff about tool bar states.

In the bottom pane you see the tabs: Breakpoints, Command Output Test Results, Notifications and Debug: MyApp when debugging the app.


I didn’t say that wasn’t the case. I said that the issue it not likely the registry. You just forced a fixed by making that change. You could likely have gotten the same effect if you have reset Komodo UI prefs in the your user date directory. You didn’t need to touch the registry (you said you shouldn’t need to do that).

Thanks for clarifying what is in the bottom pane but I can see that in my Komodo window already. At first you said the entire tab was gone, then you said certain fields from the tab were missing. Again, a screenshot will clear this up. Right now I don’t know what you’re seeing or what is missing.

Are you able to reproduce the issue? It would be really helpful if you had reproduction steps.

  • Carey.

I click and tried to drag the divider line between the left and write panes in the Debug tab.
The left pane disappeared.

Don’t see how to get the watch panes back

Later I closed and reopened Komodo to restore the watch pane.


This would have been helpful information to provide right away. Please provide full reproduction steps as soon as possible when reporting issues.

I’ve reproduced the issue. See this issue report for a workaround:

  • Carey