Debug screen colors don't work when using a dark theme

When using the Atomik Dark skin, the debug screen improperly has a light grey background.

We cannot provide support here for third party addons/skins.

Luckily for you the author of this skin frequents our forums; @Defman ^

I’ll fix it ASAP. Thanks for reporting about this one.
FYI I don’t support any of my skins anymore, you could use TabulaRasa if you want some extra customization and some bugs or the default one.

TabulaRasa is also not supported. Komodo 10 will soon be introducing a new skinning interface which is far simpler to use and less prone to bugs.

At least it has less UI bugs rather than any of my skins :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to say but I’m not going to fix this nor working on Atomik (and any other skins I’ve created). I suggest to use default skin and wait for Komodo 10 which will support full UI customization.