Debug in PHP

Hi all,

I am using Komodo IDE 8.5 on IIS with PHP 5.5.

I Managed to get the debug to work fine.
But, when there is in the code “class X extends Y” it get error:
“Fatal error: Class X not found in C:… on line Z”

And then there is Call Stack…
So the debuging ends and not get into the class…

I use also with WordPress if this maby relatet to the error

Thank to all.

The debugger just allows you to step into your code, it does not make your code run any differently. Please ensure that your debugging configuration uses a php setup that knows how to run your codebase.

I dont understand what you wrote…

I think that the problem related to the "extends " in the line because it happens only when there is "extends " in the line…

Thank to all.

What I’m saying is that the debugger does not alter your code. If it can’t find a class it is unlikely to be due to the debugger but rather with the php config that you use with the debugger.

Do you have any idea how can i check my php config?
Because the debugger can find other classes in other php pages but only when there is the line with the “… extends …” he can not debug it…

You can check what configuration Komodo uses under Preferences > Languages > PHP, check the php.ini and php interpreter in particular. Make sure your script runs properly using your PHP config before attempting to debug it.

But what in particular there?

Hi, our debugger leverages xdebug ( From your error it appears that xdebug cannot find the file in question. (Forgive me if I’m stating the obvious.) Maybe Wordpress is fiddling with load paths at run-time, but not at debug-time. If your PHP.ini cannot specify paths manually for xdebug to see, you’ll probably have to specify them in the debugging options dialog for your PHP interpreter. How to do this I do not know, as I am not a PHP developer, but hopefully you do :smile:

I think that WordPress has some sort of auto-loader (like spl_autoload), so that’s the problem. I don’t know if XDebug can handle this (autoloading), but if it can, then I guess you have to create a project in the root of your WordPress site so XDebug can use the path of the project as the path for autoloading feature.

What file/setting in particular is based on your own program, Komodo does not affect this, we cannot tell you how your application works. Komodo only lets you work with your install/configuration, it does not facilitate it.

To put it more plainly, Komodo is the toolbox that helps you build your house, it is not the blueprint.

@nathanr Of course, but the problem is, what in the configuration need to be changed…

@Defman AND @mitchell You probebly right, but i can’t find how to make it in debug-time with the PATH.